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Gillian Ivy

I'm an artist with varied skills.  I am a photographer, painter, poet, and I dabble with just about every medium and style and incorporate them into my own.  I come from a family of artist, my Mother and two of my siblings are very artistically inclined, and my Grandmother was as well.  I have cousins and extended relatives who are also artists, photographers and musicians.  I met my significant other on DeviantART, an artist social networking site, who is also a very talented artist.  Hopefully, our son will follow in our footsteps, still remains to be seen.

Besides my diverse style, I have also lived many places, met many faces and have been greatly influenced by these experiences.  Of all my homes, I had considered the DC Freaks scene to be by true home with my extensive family of some of the most intriguing and brilliant individuals I've ever known.  Another great influence in my life.  My friends and family are very much a part of my art forms.  Much of my work is very expressive, portraying the lives I've loved and the experiences I've had.  I am a very open and caring person, and share my love of life and art with the world.

My family life was certainly an unusual one.  I grew up in a non-traditional family, with two half sisters and three step-siblings.  I later had a younger half brother whom I did not grow up with  and recently have learned of my "long lost" older brother, whom it has been very emotional to discover, but truly a joy to know.  Our ethnic backgrounds are rather unusual as well.  With a half German sister, myself half Chinese, my younger sister half Jewish, my younger brother Chinese and Filipino, and my older brother a European blend of almost everything.

My life has defined  a lot of who I am today and how I express myself.  I hope to share myself with the world and have a little bit of the world in return.  Perhaps because of my varied background and the myriad of people I've known may explain why I love so many things and can never pick a favorite.  I have no favorite color, no favorite movie, no favorite song...  There's so many to choose from, how could I only love one?


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