Miscellaneous Juxtapositions

The art and designs of GillianIvy

What is Miscellaneous Juxtapositions?

The art and designs of Gillian Ivy.  A variety of styles, mediums and techniques are used to create Gillian's unique artworks.  Most notably would be my Gel Pen artworks which feature metallic gel pens in fine line detailed illustrations against black paper.  A striking design, which portrays my aesthetics which I give to all my works.  Please enjoy my Gallery and browse my Etsy Store.  You are welcomed to Contact me with any comments or to commission me for custom artworks.  If you join the Members, you will have access to the Artist Network Wiki, where you can add banners, links and tutorials.  For the latest news and updates and general goings ons, please check out my Art Blog, which focuses on Miscellaneous JuxtapositionsAnd please read the FAQs if you have any.


Thank you!

Please check out my Ripple Sketches donations.  All funds go to the Gulf of Mexico clean up and animal rescue efforts.


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